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EEE ZEE MITER Components
Set to an Outside Corner
Set to an Inside Corner
Introducing.. EEE ZEE MITER
Finally... a simple and accurate gauge to set the proper angle necessary for cutting perfect miter joints, eliminating the need for calculators, protractors and bevel gauges. The only math involved will be to measure for length.
The EEE ZEE MITER quickly bisects unknown angles to be transferred to any saw. Inside and outside corners from 11 - 169 degrees, are now easily mastered for the perfect miter, the first time.
* No more trial and error, or "inching up" on the angle... resetting and resetting your  saw.
* No more wasting time or expensive material. Measure once, set and cut... it's that simple.
With EEE ZEE MITER, the saw is set to the gauge. This eliminates errors often encountered when using traditional methods of measuring... dividing, then setting by the saw's scale... which can't accurately be set to a fraction of a degree.
Mark Stock
Set Blade to Line
FIG. 3
FIG. 2
Transferring Angle to Miter Saw
Because of its unique design, there are many ways of transferring the bisected angle to the miter saw and the best method used will depend on the make and size of saw, plus what is most comfortable to the operator.
The following images are just a few of the many possible methods of achieving the accurate setting. On most miter saws, the blade guard may have to be locked in its 'Up' position to allow the setting of the blade to the gauge. Be sure to return guard to its Normal position before making your cut.  In all instances involving power tools, always follow safety precautions that are listed in the equipment's owners manual. In some of the following pictures, the guards have been removed from the saws. This was for clarity issues only! Please...Don't try this at home.
The miter saw can also be set by the Kerf Board if it is parallel with the blade. If however, it has been used and abused, draw a pencil line on the table at 90 degrees to the fence. Next, adjust the table so the pencil line lines up with the gauge. Although this is not our preferred method, because the blade is not being set to the gauge, it is useful for non-sliding compound miter saws that have a small fence and blade.
The locked angle of the Miter Gauge may also be transferred using a standard Bevel Gauge.
Setting the EEE ZEE MITER
Loosen the two brass locking pivots and slide the parallelogram to one end or the other, depending on inside or outside corners. The brass pivots are each fitted with a spring loaded ball bearing that will retain the assembly at either end while the other brass pivot is slid along the 'T' Slot until the arms are flush with the corner to be mitered. Lock the two brass pivots.
The EEE ZEE MITER  is now set. The angle of any of the arms from the 'T' Slot is now the bisected angle of the corner.
Setting the Miter Saw
Once the EEE ZEE MITER has been locked in place, set the T Slot flush with the fence and adjust blade to any one of the arms as in Fig. 1 & Fig. 2 ......or place the arm against the fence and adjust blade to T Slot as illustrated in Fig. 3 & Fig. 4.
The saw is now set... it's that easy!
FIG. 4
FIG. 1
Another method is to mark the stock with any one of the arms, then set the blade to the line. This approach is particularly useful for saws equipped with a laser light.
The locked angle used to set the miter saw's table, can also be used to set the blade tilt to achieve the same miter cut.
Set Blade Tilt
Transferring Angle to Table Saw
The EEE ZEE MITER works equally as well on table saws. As we demonstrated with the Miter Saw, there are also numerous ways of setting the Table Saw  with EEE ZEE MITER.
Below, we have illustrated a few variations...
The EEE ZEE MITER can also be used in place of your table saw's miter gauge, as it fits most standard saw's miter slots. Although not recommended for use on large stock, it works excellent for light material. For heavier pieces, please use the saw's miter gauge and set it as illustrated in the above photos.
The locked angle used to set the table saw's miter gauge can also be used to set the blade tilt to achieve the same miter cut.
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Set & Cut
Manufactured exclusively in Canada and constructed of quality laser engraved, black anodized aluminum with solid brass locking pivots fitted with spring loaded steel ball bearings ... properly used under normal conditions this tool should last a lifetime.
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Other Uses
Although the EEE ZEE MITER was designed for bisecting unknown angles, it also serves as a superior bevel gauge for copying angles. Considering it has two locking pivots, the setting is securely locked into position.
Checking the Cut
Once the cut has been made, you can easily check for accuracy (as shown in pic) providing the setting of the EEE ZEE MITER used to set the saw hasn't been changed. If it does not fit perfectly, then the saw was not set to the gauge properly or the saw is out of adjustment.